Frequently Asked Questions

What is Richmond Sign Installers service area?

How long does it take to deliver the sign post?

What is the best time to schedule an order?

Do you call VA-811 to ensure safe digging?

Will I be notified when the installation or removal is completed?

Is there any reason that my sign post would not be installed within the 72 hour time frame?

If I make a mistake on an address, will there be an extra charge?

How do I pay for this service?

Do I have to place my order on the website?

I have a special request that I want to tell you about on my order. How do I relay the message?

If I do not like the location where the sign post was installed and want it removed, is there a charge for that?

We have changed our minds and want to cancel the request, can we stop the order?

What if the homeowner removes the sign on his own?

Will I be responsible for any damages to the post sign?

The sign post was stolen or damaged, can you re-install it? Is there an additional charge for that?

I need to contact you right away how do i do this?

Can I fax, email, or call-in orders?